Our company Jan Podešva continues in family tradition from 1990. Company was established by his father and Jan Podešva took the lead in 2000. Company is focused all the time in tinsmithing. Thanks to many skills and great references which we have from our customers, we established klemart.cz, to bring our hand made art to design and decorations.

History of tinsmithing

History of tinsmithing craft takes hundred years. In Czech Republic, you can imagine 15. century in Prague, when old "Flasners" (who throbing to copper and then to brass sheet and made containers for food) become plumbers. At first, tinsmiths was blacksmiths and smiths, because rolled sheet wasn´t invented yet. That was first steps of old crafting which have roots in old Rome empire.


Composition of our products

Natural copper ( Cu ), aluminum ( Al ) , titanium ( Gravity ) , uncoated

Characteristics of products

noble metals in the natural state , react with air, water, touching the person or . other external influences so that especially changes the surface color , e.g. natural copper, aluminum , titanium darkens or copper surfaces arises called . verdigris (green layer) , which is a form of corrosion in the form of copper carbonate

Handling Precautions

the product must be handled in accordance with the principles , especially when handling , storing or near small children , the product contains sharp edges and points , no hidden parts , manipulation opens

Instructions for use

the product is suitable for interior decoration and exterior ( color ) change in the product may delay placing the product in the dry interior, with the exclusion of contact with water, eg . during cleaning